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It’s a maze out there in the realm of social media verification like Facebook Verification Services. With so many companies claiming to provide this service, everyone should have its own verified handle. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The majority of accounts are ineligible for social media verification. A blue tick on your profile denotes trustworthiness. We live in a time when credibility is measured in terms of money and a seal of approval.

Even when brands are well-known, personalities are well-known, and enterprises are well-established, they face challenges such as:


How Do I Get Verified On Facebook?

Though requesting a ‘Blue Verification Badge’ is simple and quick, it is rarely granted. It’s a good idea to understand the requirements and how to apply for a badge.


How Does The Verification Process Work?

The blue checkmark is only given by the Facebook team after they have considered an application that is noteworthy, i.e., one that has received press coverage and has been submitted through the appropriate agency partner.


Will My Verification Badge Stay Forever?

Yes, your verification badge will remain in place indefinitely. However, if Facebook detects any conduct that violates their regulations, the verification badge will be removed.


How much time it will take to verify my page?

In order to get your social media account verified, you must also qualify for verification. The prerequisites include:

  1. Press articles – You must be a notable figure or company. You must be frequently mentioned in the press before extensively.
  2. Wikipedia page – Although this is not a certain requirement, it helps verify an Instagram or Facebook account easily. Facebook (they own Instagram) considers this as a mark of credibility and notability
  3. Following – It is a misconception that you need to have millions of followers to get verified. We have verified people with just 4,000 followers. However, those followers need to be genuine and you must be a notable personality.

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